In August last year, as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, posted several hundred AI-generated show blurbs to this site and its associated Twitter feed, with each of those posts featuring an illustration. We are making these illustrations available for download and reuse now.

The illustrations, briefly reviewed by category on a separate page, can be viewed and downloaded individually from these categories:

Identity: ImprovBot | Identity: Improverts | The Bot, incl. Multiples Edinburgh and Multiples Shakespeare | Moresque | Capture | Dataviz | Base64 | Network | Hardmod | Mojibake | Noise | Extras

A zip archive of the full illustration set is available for downloading from, and a subset of individual illustrations is distributed via

The illustrations are placed under the CC-BY-NC licence, the ones on Pixabay under even less restrictive terms: feel free to take, remix, and play!